I am a documentary photographer exploring the questions of why the opioid crisis and addiction has become such a devastating issue in the US. The people I photograph, along with their stories, are significant and deserve to be heard. I make an effort to come from a place of empathy and curiosity and strive to understand the obstacles that people endure on a daily basis. My hope is to take what I learn from these experiences and share the individuals’ stories to help the public better comprehend the importance of compassion and love for all.


My goal in life is to make a change in the world by bringing awareness to the important current issues that are having both negative and positive impacts on society. Storytelling is my passion in life, as well as the essential tool I use to promote social justice and awareness related to vital issues in our world. I am driven by the belief that a more diverse community overall means more strength, understanding and knowledge about one another. We are all human, we are all one, and in our diversity, we are able to find common ground with one another. Social justice is about having the compassion to want that progression and integration of the individuals themselves. Social justice creates the opportunity for different communities to understand, recognize, and acknowledge authentic identity.